Just when I thought the best thing to happen to me today would be eating this...

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...I came back home to see this

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It's kinda funny how the most accurate description of my reaction upon seeing this is the picture itself XD.

//off to study...

EDIT: Okay, at the end of the day, I must admit that

I still choose Jin's smile over his sekushii shots :D

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Jin's smile makes my world a better place. ♥ ♥ ♥.

Too bad it can't help me to solve this though
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I'm so going to fail my IT exam on Friday >.<...

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= ♥ .

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midterms start next week.

Time to study revive blog :D.

quick update on my life

since i've come here currently I
-am depressed
-am lonely & homesick
-miss my family & friends
-eat bad food
-have to do laundry
-don't have a microwave
-dislike most people here
-realise how much i've relied on my parents' support until now
-have to study until i puke blood because i haven't studied properly since the beginning of the semester
-am scared to death that i'll fail all exams or at least most of them
-need a haircut BADLY
-hate my days.

The only part of my days here I like is around 8 o'clock every week day
while I wait for the train and see this

Idk why but the view makes me happy somehow.

economics and buzzer beat are waiting for me.
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Just had to boast about a couple of things:

1. Adopted this
Samsung SCX-4300
Samsung SCX-4300 which can print, scan & copy

My first scanned image using teh multifunctional machine :

This is a resized version though. The original one is 5800x3800 px :3

2. I still can't believe it but as of today I have a bank account. At last when i don't need it anymore but who cares 8D

3. If everythings goes as planned, I should be an university student next week . International Business Law.

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Welcome to the unsweet 20 XD

I wish you all the happiness & kameness (XD) in the world

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Good cocktails are SO much love.

Simply the best <3
although it gets to your head really fast XDD

Looked strange XD

The one on the left smelled really strong D: Rum is dangerous

The black one is one of the greatest inventions of the century 8DD

Find the differences between this...

...and this :D

At first glance they look almost the same. HOWEVER, the second one tastes SO MUCH BETTER <3<3<3

I must be really weird to have such feelings for cocktails XD.
When I don't think about JE, I doze off dreaming of food & drinks OTL.

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Going to a friend's house at the countryside for a week.

It has been long since I last abandoned civilizaton.
My friend has no laptop so my mp3-player will die pretty soon.
I hope my handy phone doesn't fail me too because I'll become like that
if I don't have maimusic for a whole week DDD:.

Baibai Akame, I won't see you for a week ;_;

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I'm really really happy .
I can't help thinking 'I could have scored an A had I got 2 more points' though. >.>
Why do I always want more? *sighs*

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The results of the CAE exam will be out tomorrow DDDDD:.

I know I so not deserve it but

Please, God, I desperately want to see a PASS on my statement of results at 10:00 tmr ;___;.

I'd prefer to have a B rather than a C but beggars can't be choosers and since I screwed up the exam royally.... PASS, please ._.

I'll die from happiness if I see THIS tomorrow

And I'll kill myself if there is a big fat FAIL on my statement.
Because in this case I won't bear to face my parents who paid $1000 for prep couse & exam fee.

My mother is right. I am one ungrateful child.
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